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Why You Should Write a Prenuptial Agreement

In the past, only rich couples are drafting a prenuptial agreement. Now, everybody else is doing it, and that’s regardless if they’re young, old, famous, unpopular, rich, or poor. Because more than expecting a divorce from a marriage that barely started, a prenup agreement serves as the couple’s security blanket in an event that the union did get awry. Prenuptial agreements will save you a lot of time and money during the divorce [...]

What can be covered in Prenuptial Agreements?

You’ve heard all about the advantages of having prenuptial agreements and now you’re ready to write one. But first, it is important that you know the laws that govern these agreements. A prenup is a contract that is entered into by two individuals who are planning to get married. They should enter into it voluntarily and full disclosure by both parties is required. A person shouldn’t be forced to sign a prenuptial agreement. [...]