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Joseph Wiseman P.A, Your Child Custody Lawyer in La Union

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Quite often, families who ask friends about legal services such as domestic violence attorneys in La Union, NM are told to contact attorney C. Joseph Wiseman P.A. at (505) 880-1858. But did you know that attorney Cyrus C. is also a leading child custody attorney in New Mexico? Nowadays, law firms are a crucial part of any child custody trial so it is always best to go with a qualified representative.

For anyone asking if a child custody lawyer is called for, the answer is yes. It’s among those situations where possessing a legal professional is vital. You shouldn’t risk it with regards to your son or daughter and making certain that they are in the right hands. In reality, this is the perfect time to select someone who will be able to focus on the case, understand how to approach it, and can control the verdict professionally. As you take a look at all the fundermental details, this really is the number one thing that will pop up.

The motivation behind choosing a child custody lawyer has to do with their years of experience. They are able to plan out a method and understand how the legislation works in relation to your particular situation. All of their knowledge can be used to benefit the situation for the children and make certain that it is actually handled with a top level of care.

Until this can be done, you are going to be taking a huge risk with the custody matter. That is not a proper position to be in going forward. Be smart and opt for an established lawyer as quickly as possible!

La Union NM Child Custody Attorneys for Fathers

Being in a position where custody of the children is at stake can be quite a challenging moment in a family’s life. Here is where fathers must make sure they are hiring the top professional to take on the task at the earliest opportunity. For anyone seeking to find the best child custody attorneys for dads, it is going to begin with the lawyer and what it needs to offer.

The standard will be astonishing and may cause the outcome a person might dream of in the long-term. In cases this important, it is better to think about going with a specific attorney that has the capability to grasp the case at hand before planning a meaningful tactic. With an attorney of this calibur, the child custody case is going to be handled with care and deliver the best results for the child involved.

Focus on hiring any one of these child custody lawyers and you will find yourself with a professional who is ready to listen and is experienced in the court room. This attention to detail is one of the ways to hire the best option and be confident in your odds as a father. If you would like additional details about child custody attorneys in La Union NM check out our child support lawyers blog posts.

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New Mexico Child Custody Law: Where Do Grandparents Fit In?

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In some child custody cases, third parties become involved as they too have worries about the welfare of a couple’s child or children. Many times, this third party is a grandparent or grandparents who feel that their grandchildren are better off under their care. New Mexico child custody law allows for the grandparents to plead their case as a third party to the children in question, though their case must be a compelling one. In most states and in cases where one or both parents are still alive, it is widely favored to award custody to a living parent. Sometimes, this doesn’t work out.

When Would Child Custody Law Award Custody to Grandparents?

Family relationships can be strained and tense, and there may come a time in a family’s life where grandparents feel that they could better facilitate the role of raising a child instead of the child’s own parents. This is not ideal, but grandparents do play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren and can prove themselves to be the better placement option for a child. New Mexico child custody law does grant them the right to petition for custody of a grandchild.

Grandparents may petition for custody of a grandchild if:

  • There is a history or suspicion of abuse within the parents’ home(s)
  • One or both parents are unable or unwilling to take custody of the child
  • Both parents are considered unfit for placing a child with
  • Drug or alcohol abuse takes place within the child’s home

Clearly, grandparents play an essential role as caregivers throughout the lives of their grandchildren regardless of their family’s unique circumstances. And when the situation calls for the involvement of a third party, they’re often willing to step up and fulfill the role as full-time guardian. If they have previously been caring for the child at their home, it increases the likelihood of them being awarded custody of the child.

If other family members have also petitioned for custody, each third party will be evaluated for their ability to care for their young relative. A grandparent’s age, health and financial circumstances will be looked into with great care. Additionally, the courts will consider which person the child wants to live with. This is especially true in the cases of older children who are more capable of making such an important decision for themselves.

The Grandparent Visitation Privileges Act

Visitation rights are another often essential part of the custody-granting process, and grandparents aren’t exempt from it either. Like one parent can try to withhold visitation with their child from the other parent, parents can similarly restrict or forbid the grandparent’s ability to visit with their grandchild. This can be challenging, especially since grandparents in New Mexico do not have any guaranteed rights to visitation with their grandchildren.

In cases where they feel that they are being unjustly separated from the child, grandparents may petition the courts under the Grandparent Visitation Privileges Act. This most commonly happens as a part of one of these three scenarios:

  • The parents are going through a divorce, are separating or are having paternity issues
  • When one or both of the child’s parents have died
  • When the grandchild has lived with the grandparent(s) for a period of six months or longer

In the event of a child living without the supervision of the parents, with their grandparents for a period of 90 days or longer, they may petition for guardianship under New Mexico child custody law. The Kinship-Guardianship Act makes this possible.

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