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Thank you for visiting Advocates New Mexico, an Albuquerque based law firm focused on individuals facing family law issues such as divorce, domestic violence defense, alimony issues, paternity questions, child support, child custody, child relocation, and even prenuptial agreements. Many individuals who call our office have questions about several things involving this area of law. And although the information presented on this website should not be construed to be legal advice, taken as an attorney-client relationship, or guarantees that anyone’s past result may apply to your case we have decided to present this blog in order to address some of the most common questions. Please note that our initial consultation is 100% FREE and we encourage you to contact our law firm to schedule an appointment instead of coming to conclusion base on the information you find here or anywhere else!

Ways Divorce Attorneys Can Make Your Life Easier

Divorces are rough, but they don’t have to be if you hire good divorce attorneys. Having an expert on your side that doesn’t just handle the legal paperwork, but is also familiar with how these things proceed, can make your life much easier. The events leading up to the divorce must have been hard and there’s no reason why you should make matters worse by going through a tough [...]

How to Hire Divorce Attorneys

As divorces are pretty hectic, a lot of people just go for the first divorce attorneys they find. While this is a straightforward strategy that takes up nothing of your time, it’s still a poor one. Divorces can take time and delve into complex legal matters so you’re going to need someone on your side with experience. You want to be with people who know what they’re doing. Things [...]

Hiring the Right Divorce Attorneys for You

Hiring divorce attorneys to handle all issues pertaining to your divorce isn’t as simple as picking up the phone, calling a lawyer, and telling them that they’re hired. A divorce can be the most stressful period of a person’s life and what you need while going through in is someone who takes care of your needs rather than aids to your troubles. How to know if the Divorce Attorneys are [...]

What to Consider when Choosing Divorce Attorneys

Divorces don’t always end the same way. Some end with both parties being friends while some end in catastrophes. The kind of divorce attorneys you hire plays a big role in the kind of ending you get. Before making a final decision on hiring someone, there are things you need to consider to try and ensure the best possible outcome from your divorce proceedings. Choosing Divorce Attorneys Divorce Process Divorces [...]

Why You Might Need Divorce Attorneys

Divorces can be rough and a lot of people prefer not to complicate matters by hiring divorce attorneys. To some, this seems like paying extra money for something they can do themselves. The temptation to skip on a lawyer and fill out the paperwork by themselves is strong. This isn’t the greatest idea as divorce can end up being a complicated matter. Having an attorney on your side can [...]

The Role of Child Custody Lawyers in a Custody Petition

In the event of a divorce or another life circumstance that results in child custody disputes, there is more than one person that desires custody of the child or children involved. It is not uncommon to see divorces that are rife with conflict about this very subject. The emotional nature of divorce proceedings negatively impacts the divorcing individuals’ ability to remain objective. Child custody lawyers understand this and the importance of objectivity in [...]

Questions That You Can Expect your Child Custody Attorney to Ask

Meeting with an attorney to handle your child custody dispute can feel intimidating, even downright scary, at a time where you’re emotionally exhausted and reeling from the end of your relationship or marriage. You never wanted to be in this situation, yet here you are, and you need to know what lies ahead. It is helpful to have an idea of what will be asked of you and your ex when you meet [...]

Joint Child Custody: Understanding this Arrangement

The presumption in New Mexico is that joint custody is in the best interests of the children.  Joint custody over a child or children in the event of a divorce is not uncommon and is often agreed upon by the parents without the aid of lawyers or mediators. In many cases, this is perceived to be the “win-win” scenario for both parents and children, which makes it an easy child custody agreement to [...]

How Child Custody Attorneys Help in the Creation of Custody Agreements

Child custody agreements are drafted with each unique family’s circumstances having been taken into great consideration. For this reason, no two custody agreements are the same. One thing is true of all custody agreements, however: All agreements should be reviewed by child custody attorneys. This is simply good practice, as these child custody attorneys have experience  in custody and family law and can ensure that nothing of substance is omitted and everybody’s legal [...]