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Thank you for visiting Advocates New Mexico, an Albuquerque based law firm focused on individuals facing family law issues such as divorce, domestic violence defense, alimony issues, paternity questions, child support, child custody, child relocation, and even prenuptial agreements. Many individuals who call our office have questions about several things involving this area of law. And although the information presented on this website should not be construed to be legal advice, taken as an attorney-client relationship, or guarantees that anyone’s past result may apply to your case we have decided to present this blog in order to address some of the most common questions. Please note that our initial consultation is 100% FREE and we encourage you to contact our law firm to schedule an appointment instead of coming to conclusion base on the information you find here or anywhere else!

How a Child Custody Lawyer Can Help Modify your Child Custody Arrangement

As we all know, life throws curveballs at us all of the time. These unexpected changes of circumstance might require greater changes to be made to our lives, even when we thought we had everything all figured out. Sometimes, long after a couple has separated, and a child custody agreement made between the parents of children, the terms of custody might need to change. This isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, but a [...]

Child Custody Agreements for Unmarried Parents

Child custody can become fairly murky territory to tread when the parents have never been married. In these cases, the Father may not have any legal standing with regard to his children. This leaves fathers of these children wondering what their rights are, and what they can do to ensure that their children have their best interests looked after. Sometimes, separating parents can agree on a child custody arrangement that stands to benefit [...]

Why You Should Write a Prenuptial Agreement

In the past, only rich couples are drafting a prenuptial agreement. Now, everybody else is doing it, and that’s regardless if they’re young, old, famous, unpopular, rich, or poor. Because more than expecting a divorce from a marriage that barely started, a prenup agreement serves as the couple’s security blanket in an event that the union did get awry. Prenuptial agreements will save you a lot of time and money during the divorce [...]

What to Do If You Become a Victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is defined as an abusive act that is committed between family and household members. The law prevents any one from committing battery or assault against any member of his or her own family. That includes spouses, parents, grandparents, in-laws, and children. Even girlfriends, boyfriends, and former spouses are included. However, assault and battery aren’t just the things that constitute domestic violence. Domestic abuse may also come in other forms, such as [...]

What can be covered in Prenuptial Agreements?

You’ve heard all about the advantages of having prenuptial agreements and now you’re ready to write one. But first, it is important that you know the laws that govern these agreements. A prenup is a contract that is entered into by two individuals who are planning to get married. They should enter into it voluntarily and full disclosure by both parties is required. A person shouldn’t be forced to sign a prenuptial agreement. [...]

What is the Role of a Child Custody Attorney?

Sometimes when a couple divorces or has never been married but still split up, they are able to come to an agreement themselves about the terms surrounding custody of their children without the involvement of a judge. This is called mitigation and is a more peaceful and less stressful solution than litigation, which involves the legal representation of a child custody attorney and a judge to make the final call. When the couple [...]

Relocating with Children: What You Need to Know

The court protects the parents’ right to travel anywhere or live wherever they desire. But things could take a sudden turn if there are children involved. For divorced parents, relocating with children is an entirely different scenario. They can’t just take their children on trips outside the state or country without first seeking permission; much so if they plan to move away permanently. The law is tasked to protect the best interests of [...]

Questions to Ask Your Child Custody Lawyer

If you have never recruited the help of a custody lawyer in any civil case before, it can sound overwhelming and downright intimidating to do so when the time calls for it. Who you choose as your custody lawyer is not a decision to be made lightly. The trajectory of your family's life could be about to change dramatically based on a custodial decision made by the courts. You want a knowledgeable and [...]

New Mexico Child Custody Law: Where Do Grandparents Fit In?

In some child custody cases, third parties become involved as they too have worries about the welfare of a couple's child or children. Many times, this third party is a grandparent or grandparents who feel that their grandchildren are better off under their care. New Mexico child custody law allows for the grandparents to plead their case as a third party to the children in question, though their case must be a compelling [...]